Why Landlords Should Hire An Eviction Lawyer

When and How Can Landlords Evict Tenants in Florida?

This article explores why Landlords should not attempt to evict problem tenants without a licensed Florida attorney. Florida landlords should be very weary of non-attorney eviction companies. These allegedly “rush eviction” companies are highly limited, by law, as to what they can and cannot do on behalf of a landlord. This is because Florida law prohibits non-attorneys from the practice of law, and evictions are actual lawsuits.

Evictions are formal (albeit “miniature”) lawsuits filed in the county court where the rental property is located. Note that just because there is no written lease agreement between the Landlord and Tenant, this does not necessarily mean that there is no “lease” between the parties. Contrary to popular belief, landlord/tenant leases, strictly speaking, may sometimes arise by operation of law.

Some of the reasons why a Landlord may chose to evict a tenant include: (1) the tenant is not paying the rent; (2) the tenant is conducting criminal activity at the property; (3) the tenant has unauthorized guests at the property; (4) the tenant has unauthorized pets at the property; (5) the tenants actions or inaction have damaged the property; (6) the tenant breaches some material covenant or condition of the lease. These grounds for eviction are by no means exhaustive.

Hire An Eviction Lawyer

Knowing the ins and outs of Florida’s Landlord Tenant laws, and local court procedure, is not a job well-suited for non-lawyers. This is reason enough for Landlords to hire a team of professional eviction lawyers. Attorneys who know the intricacies of Florida’s eviction laws will be able to successfully close an eviction case much quicker than non-lawyers. Evict FL is a law firm that offers years of expertise with eviction cases. Our law firm has successfully evicted thousands of problem tenants.

Our team of eviction lawyers cover evictions in every city and county in Florida, so no matter where you live, as long as your property is located in Florida, you will be able to work with us. Because our law firm processes evictions in bulk, we are able to offer professional, yet affordable, legal representation. And, we are always willing to match our competitors’ rates. Evict FL will provide you with the expertise of vetted, bona-fide legal professionals that have years of experience in the practice of Florida’s eviction and Landlord and Tenant Laws.

Our attorneys are in frequent contact with our clients and the courts to ensure rush evictions. We guarantee that our results and personalized attention will not disappoint. Hiring a landlord tenant lawyer at Edelboim Lieberman Revah Oshinsky PLLC will enable you to work with a reputable, eviction law firm. Call 1(800) 531-4587 and get a free consultation with an eviction lawyer. 

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